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It may be a cliché but time flies by so fast, especially for us, especially today. Today, Annika, who is now going to the Big School, is sending her little sister Iva to Bright Kids Babies on Board Class. It seems like only yesterday that I brought Annika to Bright Kids. She was just 11 months old then and at that she couldn’t talk and walk yet. She was also the youngest in class but she was ready to listen and play and explore and she was always excited and curious on what’s going on around her. Her favorite activity at that time was the knobbed cylinder and that was something I will never forget since that was the first toy she would grab upon entering the room. She also developed friendship with her classmates and hopefully that friendship will carry on as they grow up. She learned to walk and play alongside developing her speech, the arts and Math. And as the cliché goes, the rest is history.
Bright Kids has taught her exceptionally well. Academics is the strongest suit for Bright Kids and this is what we value the most. From the ABCs to reading a book, from 123s to addition and subtraction and everything in between, Bright Kids gave Annika a strong start. We are so proud of what she has become. I think she has a curious mind to begin with but Bright Kids opened her mind to so much more.