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Jaise Neithen had her first school experience in Bright Kids when she was 2yrs and 2 months for summer and went there for another year after. At first, the separation anxiety was alarming and I was at the verge of giving up coz the yaya nor me can’t leave her inside the classroom. I was glad of how the school dealt with her behavior.

She overcame her separation anxiety and when we came to South Africa, I never had any problem with it anymore. This is despite the fact that she has to mingle with kids who are either black or white South Africans and some were foreigners. The “English Policy” of Bright Kids had helped her to understand and be understood. She’s was also ahead of her peers (as they start proper education in Grade1) and was not even made to finish her Prep level as she was ready for Grade1 when she took the readiness test. Furthermore, the psychological assessment of Teacher Sheryll of her having a strong personality (which i thought for a while was not so “normal”) and her being a girl with “character” makes us overwhelmed of the things she is able to say, do, analyze and remember at her age.

I am glad we chose BK as her first school. Thank you Bright Kids Preschool and more power to you!