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It all started when a friend convinced me to enroll my kids to school, to start them young. Hesitant at first since as a child, I wasn’t able to go through preschool. Made me and Francis think that maybe, when they grow up, they will be fed up with studying since they started at an early age. But then that friend explained to me how the curriculum works nowadays and that everything is fast-paced.

I was convinced to enroll them to Bright Kids Preschool because of its outstanding record, accessibility, and reasonable cost. Plus they are excellent in Chinese too, which I think is a plus point for our kids later on, though we really don’t understand the language.

Now, we are so proud of what Alexa and Gio have become.
Alexa has gone a long way. She has really come out of her shell, confident, bubbly, “bibba”, and most of all, great in academics.
We also boast of Gio, he is great with his subjects and now he is talking most of the time. Though he may be super kulit, but his charm will really captivate you.

Our kids would not have done it without their SUPER teachers, that’s why our hats are off to you. Thank you for being soooooo patient with them, for giving them the best, and treating them like your own. It means a lot to us on how you take care and nurture them.

To Teacher Sheryll, T. Roselle, T. Raissa, T. Patty, T. Laica, T. Abby, T. Love, T. Mars, T. Ghie, T. Angel, T. Liz. T. Elle, the rest of the teachers and the staff, MADAMO GUID NGA SALAMAT SA INYO TANAN!

More power to Bright Kids Preschool!