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I am happy and proud of my son, Siegfred Jacob Ciron who attended kindergarten at Bright Kids last year 2012. The training and the motivation of the teachers had made him into a better and a brighter person because of the knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes that he displays which made him into an achiever today.
He is an awardee for academic excellence during their Recognition Day in Prep at La Salle-Bacolod . My son Jacob had overcome many challenges that a child his age encounters in school. Before he was very timid because he seldom speaks to his classmates and teachers. Now he is more confident and has a lot of enthusiasm because he has lots of stories to tell and questions to ask. He is known to be talkative in class.
I am grateful to Bright Kids Pre-School for their guidance not only to my son but also to us parents. The teachers had shown me what my son’s capabilities are and how am I able to develop and harness them to make him the best person that he can be. I remember during his Moving Up Ceremony at Bright Kids he was awarded with Excellence in Reading Award and now at La Salle, he now excel not only in Reading, and English but also in Math and Filipino. He became a well rounded person and I would like to thank Bright Kids Pre-School for that.
Thanks Teacher Sheryll for your keeness to details, Teacher Roselle, Teacher Rose and the rest of the teachers for your love, guidance, and support to Jacob during his one wonderful year at Bright Kids Pre-School. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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