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We found out about Brightkids Preschool when we are browsing on a local newspaper. And thats the start of Xian’s journey in school. We enrolled Xian at Brightkids when he was almost 2 yrs old. He was at babies class then together with 3 others. He can barely talk and still learning maybe because I talked to him in english and cebuano and hi Papa in ilonggo. We send him to school early to school in order for him to socialized with other kids at his age. I remember Xian during his first days in school, he was very shy and quiet. He will throw tantrums because he don’t want me to leave on his side. But with the help of the teachers he eventually learned to developed his self confidence, he feels secure and belongingness. He will then confidently enters the room get a toy and play but most of the time grabbed a book and read. Xian learned to play with others, make friends and share. Brightkids helped Xian developed his gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Brightkids has taught Xian excellently well. Brightkids not only teaches the ABC’s and 123’s but they also taught Xian the independent skills and entrepreneurship skills to name few. The unique style of teaching and materials that Brightkids supplied him made him what Xian today! Brightkids gave Xian a big start! Ready for the big school. Xian is enrolled Grade 1 this school year in Hwasiong College of Iloilo at 5 years old. Youngest in his class but excel academically. His teacher approached us because he is doing very well in his class. Thank you Brightkids Preschool for exceptionally molding Xian and bringing out his skills. Keep it up!