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1.) Flow Time

During flow time, the children are allowed to move around the room and the learning area of their choice. They can choose from a variety of appropriate educational materials such as puzzles, storybooks, papers and crayons, blocks and toys for dramatic play. The spaced entry of kids helps the teacher discover the children’s individual interests, talents and responses to materials. It also allows the children to adjust to their new environment, thus providing a smooth transition from home to school.

2.) Circle Time


This period consists of a more structured group setting that promotes social interaction, learning group expectations (rules for group behavior), skills in talking, turn taking, listening with focus, and the communication of individual ideas. Children participate in discussions, record their attendance, the weather, mark the calendar and sing songs. The teacher also often uses this time to transition the children for the day’s activity or lesson. Music and movement activities are also done during this time.

3.) Activity Time

This is the time where Reading, Social Studies, Science and Math concepts are taught through fun games, activities and using the MIKIDS special program. Special activities may include inviting a resource speaker, storytelling, cooking, or watching a video.

4.) Work Time

This is where follow up activities are done. It can be in the form of answering worksheets or workbooks, doing art activities or practicing coloring, tracing or writing. Individualized instruction or small group instruction is also done during this period.

5.) Snack Time

Snack time is an important part of the preschool experience. It is here where the children are given the chance to exercise independence in eating and to learn to clean up after eating. They also learn basic hygiene like washing hands and praying before eating and brushing of teeth after eating.

6.) Chinese Time

This is a time where Chinese concepts are taught. Only the Tots, Tykes and Kinder have Chinese classes. The Chinese lessons are patterned to the English lessons. That is, they also follow the same theme for the month.

7.) Goodbye Circle

This is the time when the day’s activities are recapped and the children talk about what they learned that day. This is also the time when they sing their goodbye song and say their prayers.