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The Chinese program is very effective. In just a few sessions of mandarin class, Dylan was already counting 1-10, & singing Chinese songs. He is now writing basic words and numerals 1-50. Nowadays, he even corrects my pronunciation of Chinese words.

Mia Chiu

I was so lucky to have discovered Bright Kids as my helping hand in molding Sayana to be the best that she can be.

Mrs. Leah Tabuga

Bright Kids has lots of exciting activities, field trips that exposed Andrew to his surroundings. It has its way of developing independence and self-confidence. It is not just the academic skills that has developed greatly but the values and discipline are there, too! Bright Kids did not only touch my son’s life but also mine as a parent…

Dra. Anna Rhoda Alagaban

Luke Emmanuel Tan—Top 1 at Bacolod Taytung High School
In this institution, students are able to excel academically. It was here that Luke first learned to do things we never thought possible. The school’s extra curricular activities allows the family to be involved. The faculty here are more than just teachers; rather they serve as the guides to our children.

Engr. Alwin and Mrs. Alwin Tan

We owe it to Bright Kids Preschool that Tooie is doing exceedingly well in all aspects of school. When a solid foundation is laid, none but excellence is to be expected and this is exactly what Bright Kids Preschool did for Tooie. Thank you teachers for impressing upon Tooie a lifelong love of learning

Bruce and Karen Munro

We really appreciate how Bright Kids think of different learning approaches in order that the children could benefit much from these activities. Thank you for becoming a catalyst in molding for a better life for our children.

Mr. and Mrs Derayunan

Our daughter only spent her Kinder there but I believe that was one of her most memorable years in her young life.
She was exposed to many different experiences and vicarious learning situations outside the classmate, which we most appreciate. The teachers there also taught my daughter how to write. In a year or so, it will be our 2nd daughter’s turn to go there.
So glad, too, that they are now offering the Galileo Enrichment Program.

Sigrid Lo

It all started when a friend convinced me to enroll my kids to school, to start them young. Hesitant at first since as a child, I wasn’t able to go through preschool. Made me and Francis think that maybe, when they grow up, they will be fed up with studying since they started at an early age. But then that friend explained to me how the curriculum works nowadays and that everything is fast-paced.

I was convinced to enroll them to Bright Kids Preschool because of its outstanding record, accessibility, and reasonable cost. Plus they are excellent in Chinese too, which I think is a plus point for our kids later on, though we really don’t understand the language.

Now, we are so proud of what Alexa and Gio have become.
Alexa has gone a long way. She has really come out of her shell, confident, bubbly, “bibba”, and most of all, great in academics.
We also boast of Gio, he is great with his subjects and now he is talking most of the time. Though he may be super kulit, but his charm will really captivate you.

Our kids would not have done it without their SUPER teachers, that’s why our hats are off to you. Thank you for being soooooo patient with them, for giving them the best, and treating them like your own. It means a lot to us on how you take care and nurture them.

To Teacher Sheryll, T. Roselle, T. Raissa, T. Patty, T. Laica, T. Abby, T. Love, T. Mars, T. Ghie, T. Angel, T. Liz. T. Elle, the rest of the teachers and the staff, MADAMO GUID NGA SALAMAT SA INYO TANAN!

More power to Bright Kids Preschool!

Jan Nicole Puentevella Uy

We found out about Brightkids Preschool when we are browsing on a local newspaper. And thats the start of Xian’s journey in school. We enrolled Xian at Brightkids when he was almost 2 yrs old. He was at babies class then together with 3 others. He can barely talk and still learning maybe because I talked to him in english and cebuano and hi Papa in ilonggo. We send him to school early to school in order for him to socialized with other kids at his age. I remember Xian during his first days in school, he was very shy and quiet. He will throw tantrums because he don’t want me to leave on his side. But with the help of the teachers he eventually learned to developed his self confidence, he feels secure and belongingness. He will then confidently enters the room get a toy and play but most of the time grabbed a book and read. Xian learned to play with others, make friends and share. Brightkids helped Xian developed his gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Brightkids has taught Xian excellently well. Brightkids not only teaches the ABC’s and 123’s but they also taught Xian the independent skills and entrepreneurship skills to name few. The unique style of teaching and materials that Brightkids supplied him made him what Xian today! Brightkids gave Xian a big start! Ready for the big school. Xian is enrolled Grade 1 this school year in Hwasiong College of Iloilo at 5 years old. Youngest in his class but excel academically. His teacher approached us because he is doing very well in his class. Thank you Brightkids Preschool for exceptionally molding Xian and bringing out his skills. Keep it up!

Mitzi Irac Parcon

Jaise Neithen had her first school experience in Bright Kids when she was 2yrs and 2 months for summer and went there for another year after. At first, the separation anxiety was alarming and I was at the verge of giving up coz the yaya nor me can’t leave her inside the classroom. I was glad of how the school dealt with her behavior.

She overcame her separation anxiety and when we came to South Africa, I never had any problem with it anymore. This is despite the fact that she has to mingle with kids who are either black or white South Africans and some were foreigners. The “English Policy” of Bright Kids had helped her to understand and be understood. She’s was also ahead of her peers (as they start proper education in Grade1) and was not even made to finish her Prep level as she was ready for Grade1 when she took the readiness test. Furthermore, the psychological assessment of Teacher Sheryll of her having a strong personality (which i thought for a while was not so “normal”) and her being a girl with “character” makes us overwhelmed of the things she is able to say, do, analyze and remember at her age.

I am glad we chose BK as her first school. Thank you Bright Kids Preschool and more power to you!

Jamcee Montero-Napallatan

I am happy and proud of my son, Siegfred Jacob Ciron who attended kindergarten at Bright Kids last year 2012. The training and the motivation of the teachers had made him into a better and a brighter person because of the knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes that he displays which made him into an achiever today.
He is an awardee for academic excellence during their Recognition Day in Prep at La Salle-Bacolod . My son Jacob had overcome many challenges that a child his age encounters in school. Before he was very timid because he seldom speaks to his classmates and teachers. Now he is more confident and has a lot of enthusiasm because he has lots of stories to tell and questions to ask. He is known to be talkative in class.
I am grateful to Bright Kids Pre-School for their guidance not only to my son but also to us parents. The teachers had shown me what my son’s capabilities are and how am I able to develop and harness them to make him the best person that he can be. I remember during his Moving Up Ceremony at Bright Kids he was awarded with Excellence in Reading Award and now at La Salle, he now excel not only in Reading, and English but also in Math and Filipino. He became a well rounded person and I would like to thank Bright Kids Pre-School for that.
Thanks Teacher Sheryll for your keeness to details, Teacher Roselle, Teacher Rose and the rest of the teachers for your love, guidance, and support to Jacob during his one wonderful year at Bright Kids Pre-School. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Ma Socorro Espeleta Ciron

We are very, very grateful for the Bright kids Preschool teachers & most especially for the patience and dedication of Teacher Sheryll in developing Ella’s self confidence and in overcoming her shyness..Now my Ella is prepared to be in the big school, academically & emotionally. Thank you so much for your teachings, love, and care to our children…We really appreciate the way you mold our kids in a very special way
kudos! and more power to you Bright kids Preschool!

Edsel & Jessica Garaygay

Like any other parent, I was excited but hesitant to send my almost three year old daughter, Samantha to school for the very first time. Sam was so shy, timid and scared around people. Somewhere somehow I knew she’ll have to get over it.

For a start, I enrolled her to a summer camp at Bright Kids Preschool. True enough as she entered school, she was taken aback to be inside a room surrounded by all new faces. I can vividly hear her cry “let me go!” as I patiently waited outside for her first day of school to end. Everyday, she’d go to school with her teddy bear along as her security blanket. Teacher said, she’d just sit at the back, hug teddy bear and act like a viewer or audience to all her classmates sing and dance.

As the regular school days passed, she began making friends, adoring her teachers, participating to class activities, performing well on cultural activities and enjoying every minute of it. What amazed me most is seeing her self- confidence starting to build up tremendously.

For three years, Sam consistently receives an academic excellence award. As parent, I am truly proud of what my daughter has become. I never regretted the day I chose Bright Kids Preschool as my daughter’s first step to learning. It brought out the best in her.

As Sam enters the big school, I am confident that she is equipped with all the learnings and experiences to be able to face all challenges ahead of her. To Bright Kids Family, especially Teacher Sheryll, THANK YOU! May you continue to nurture the kids in the way us, parents, wished them to be.

Annabelle Fieldad

I love Bright Kids Preschool! I’m a satisfied parent of an enrolled Bright Tots (Nursery) student. I am now a full-time mom so I get to bring my daughter, Yesha, to school everyday. And because of that, I’ve personally witnessed her amazing transformation, beyond my wildest expectations. From being a crying baby during summer school, she is now a more confident, independent, responsible, and knowledgeable school girl. Who would have thought that a shy 2.9 years old last June 2014, who barely knew the alphabets, is now a 3.3 years old who has mastered all the letters (including initial sounds and writing strokes) and basic number counting, and who already even knows how to write her name? Isn’t it amazing?…And it’s all because of the excellent training she got from her school. Thank you Bright Kids Preschool.

What I love most about the school is its superb, stimulating, and high-quality curriculum. It is very child-specific and developmentally appropriate. I’m also well-pleased and supportive of their programs and activities because they are always well-organized and relevant to their lessons, thus giving the kids some hands-on experience, which I believe is a very effective form of teaching. The school also has a nurturing environment with exemplary teachers who constantly make efforts to open communication with parents, through regular assessment of the child’s progress and areas of concern. They offer a well-rounded education—developing not only the intellectual, but also the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social aspect of a child’s well-being.

Kudos to the excellent administration, teachers, and staff of Bright Kids Preschool. Continue to aim high and soar high. You are definitely one of Bacolod’s top preschools.

Marilyn Benedicto

I and my husband want to teach our children things we thought they must learn at a certain age and involve them in activities, which we believed could develop them socially and emotionally but we admit that being working parents, our time is so limited thus finding a school whose principles and curriculum meet and even surpass what we want and expect, brings so much joy and satisfaction on our part.

We are happy with Brightkids’ early childhood education. We enrolled Chen when she’s turning 2. Chen, who detests studying her alphabet, now learns and loves to read books by herself at the age of 4. She, who barely counts 1 up to 10 now can make it up to 100, (Arabic Numeral and Chinese) and does some addition and subtraction too (Arabic numeral).
She, who usually stands on the stage during the entire show, now performs, not only in group but also alone. Chen was able to overcome her different apprehensions because of the various activities Brightkids exposed her to.

Months to go and Chen will be off to the big school. She was asking if she can bring her teachers with her for she will be missing them. The warm atmosphere in school coupled well defined discipline make it easier for her to open her mind to new learnings and her heart to express her emotions.

We feel deep appreciation and gratefulness to Bright Kids Preschool, our partner, in nurturing the young minds of our two girls and in guiding them in the path we want them to tread.

To quote Aristotle: “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they that produce them, for these only gave them life, those the art of living well”

With this, thank you Bright Kids Preschool. You deserve such honor. May you continue in your endeavor to teach with passion and mission!

Cristine Cosadio Umahag

Our little girl Marie Quiara “Quichess” Alit Mangaser is also a graduate of Bright Kids Preschool. Her first journey in Bright Kids Preschool was when she was only 2 & a half years old. It was her first school enrolled for summer. We were hesitant to enroll her in school at first but as a mom I really convinced my husband to enroll her in a school which I believe that will not only enhance her IQ, skills & talents but I want her to have fellowship with other kids being our only daughter. Bright Kids honed her to become actively engaged not only mental developments but socially prepared to meet new friends & to discover new things in her surroundings. A very quiet & shy little girl become instantly confident & independent. What truly amazed me when the school offered an IQ Booster & we decided to enroll her; she became more attentive & always ready to instantly give her reasons (which sometimes I regret (hahaha) for she has always a ready discussions & arguments to discuss with us). It made her become more well rounded to anything she wants to venture & amazingly even well adjusted to big school. We were all very happy when she had an honors (second honor) during her first grade at St. John’s Institute (HuaMing). She had a great foundation of education that never feared us parents to be associated to new & big school, new environment. It was even a challenge when she was invited to be interviewed by The 700 Club Asia for a segment of Superbook; the one who interviewed her Francis Palma Libatique got a very satisfying answers from her. Thank you Bright kids for honing “BRIGHT & RESPONSIBLE KIDS”. ‘Yan ang Batang Superbook, batang BRIGHT KIDS!

Vivian Mangaser

It may be a cliché but time flies by so fast, especially for us, especially today. Today, Annika, who is now going to the Big School, is sending her little sister Iva to Bright Kids Babies on Board Class. It seems like only yesterday that I brought Annika to Bright Kids. She was just 11 months old then and at that she couldn’t talk and walk yet. She was also the youngest in class but she was ready to listen and play and explore and she was always excited and curious on what’s going on around her. Her favorite activity at that time was the knobbed cylinder and that was something I will never forget since that was the first toy she would grab upon entering the room. She also developed friendship with her classmates and hopefully that friendship will carry on as they grow up. She learned to walk and play alongside developing her speech, the arts and Math. And as the cliché goes, the rest is history.
Bright Kids has taught her exceptionally well. Academics is the strongest suit for Bright Kids and this is what we value the most. From the ABCs to reading a book, from 123s to addition and subtraction and everything in between, Bright Kids gave Annika a strong start. We are so proud of what she has become. I think she has a curious mind to begin with but Bright Kids opened her mind to so much more.

Annika-Iva Go

We were aware that our child was an introvert and when we first heard of early education we grabbed the chance thinking that this was the answer.

As a parent I can now proudly say that enrolling our child in Bright Kids Preschool when he was only 1.5 years old was one of the best decisions we made for our son. He not only excelled in school but he gained friends.

I am also grateful that aside from academics the school gives equal importance to the values taught and inculcated by us parents in our home by honing and reinforcing good behaviour through positive disciple resulting in the holistic development of our child.

Inigo is a proud alumni of bright kids preschool.

Bright Kids Preschool is a great school offering a great foundation for kids. Thank you loving teachers for your dedication, patience and hardwork. You are the reason why our kids are who they are today.

Jenny Misa

Me and my husband decided to enroll jamea when she was only one year and eleven months for a summer class. That idea came up because we only want jamea to have a playgroup so she will become sociable with other kids her age and enjoy summer by being in school.
I can vividly remember the first time we brought her to school she was very excited and eager to go inside the room. She then easily got along very well with her teacher ghee and her classmates as well and right then and there we knew that bright kids is the school for her.
After summer class we decided to enrol jamea in june 2011 as bright rugrats for her formal training. At first, me and my husband’s goal was only for jam to learn to communicate in english and to be as sociable as possible, and mind you after the first quarter we already have reached our goal and we are truly satisfied by her little achievement. We have seen how much jam has blossomed in this school not only socially, emotionally ( because now she already knows how to share and wait for her turn unlike before) and the bonus for us is that she have learned to value her studies at such young age. She would remind me to helped her worked on her assignments and even when she was sick she will still forced me to let her go to school.
My view as a parent is to only see jam (not necessarily to top the class) learning and that the values we instill in her would be inherent as she grows.
But, bright kids as you know, only gives whats best for our kids and thats what basically happened to jam.
I salute the teachers, who have nurtured my child, your patience and love have been a significant part of jam’s growth today.
To teacher sheryll for giving sound advices during ptc, thank you so much your effort, love and passion to teach has made bright kids the best preschool in the city, Your love and sincerety to our children is so much visible that everytime you speak about our children it seems that you have known each one of them so well.
Jamea’s growth at bright kids has been wholistic, not only did she learned to dance at the crowd, but she also did well academically thanks to the help of teachers of course, at the age of four she can memorized reports, read simple books, do addition and even subtraction. The fun activities bright kids had, has always been a family affair to us. Fieldtrips to different places such as going to the gym, parks and even baking lessons and many more have exposed jam to another dimension thus making her more interested in learning and trying new stuffs.
As i looked at her walked down the isle during the moving up my heart was filled with so much love and pride that it brought tears into my eyes for me its truly amazing!
I only dreamed of giving the best to jam and now i realized i have already given whats best for her by giving her quality pre school education because i believe in bright starts would only lead to bright future. Thanks Bright Kids Preschool!

Rea Mae Abriola Aguirre

I love bright kids preschool! I never believed in early schooling before but now i can truly say it is so so important! Yssa started schooling at 1yr old and she has grown into a smart girl. That is why for my son wakim i never doubted enrolling him in the babies class last november. Thank you bright kids! keep it up!

Marie Karen Rojo

I can still remember my eldest daughter, Brianna’s first day at Bright Kids. It was the summer of 2010; she was a year and eight months old.Although very active and expressive,I was very worried about her, stepping into a new environment. It was the first day of school and the parents were allowed inside the classroom so the kids won’t act up. Like a hawk closely watching her young, I was there and more than ready to swoop in anytime she cries out for her mommy. But much to my surprise, she didn’t. The week went by without any tantrums or her crying and asking for me. In fact, she was having so much fun that during that first week, she asked me not to go with her inside the classroom anymore.

During the next few weeks, I stayed outside and only watched her from behind the classroom glass window. Watching from behind that window, I have watched her flourish. I have watched her sing and dance to her favorite songs; I have watched her get along well with her new classmates, I watched her stand up and say “it’s OK” after falling down and I have seen her comfort a crying classmate by asking the teacher to give him his milk bottle. I remember those moments so well.

Over the years, Brianna has changed a lot. She has not only excelled academically but most importantly, she has developed values that will help her a lot when she grows up. Like determination and professionalism, the kind that I would never have expected from a 6 year old.

It was during the Sem-break, that she was chosen to do an out of town shoot for a week. I was doubtful at first if we should let her go knowing the long hours that the shoot demanded. But since she wanted to go, we let her. On the third shooting day, the long shooting hours has taken its toll on all the young talents. They were tired and they just wanted to go home. Brianna, on the other hand just came to me and just took a nap during the break. So I asked her if she wanted to still go on with the shoot because we can go home if she wanted to. While rubbing her eyes, she said, “Mommy, I want to shoot so I can get my salary and buy toys for me and Shobe.”, so all throughout the week, I did not hear her complain, not even once. Her desire to buy something for herself and for her sister is what kept her up during the long and tiring hours of the shoot. Then I also remember the time when she joined a mall show and she was calling all the kids backstage because they all need to behave and form their lines because she was the self-appointed line leader. Surprisingly, all the kids obeyed her, even the big ones. And then, I said to myself, “Taga Bright Kids ka gid tuod ah.”

Brianna is now doing well in the big school, she has won contests and is an honor student and despite being younger than her classmates, “volunteered” to be the class president last year.

She, and other bright kids’ graduates have adjusted really well in the big schools. In fact, all of her former classmates (who go to the same school) are all honor students! They are all doing exceptionally well and are showing traits that is truly “TATAK BRIGHT KIDS”.

Brianna’s 2 year old sister, Czara who is now currently enrolled at Bright Kids (Bright Tots Class) is also doing surprisingly well in school. She is showing great improvement academically, socially and is showing great maturity for her age. Preparing her for school every morning is never a problem because she really enjoys being with her classmates and teachers and according to her, she likes learning about letters..

I would like to thank Teacher Sheryll and all the teachers and staff at Bright Kids Preschool. Thank you for sharing every parent’s desire for their kids to do well academically, grow emotionally. Thank you for your patience and thank you for making our kids’ stay at Bright Kids fun and memorable..

Minmin Cherniguin-Ang

5 years ago we enrolled Justin at Bright Kids, he was then a year old and can barely walk on his own. Since he is our only son, he doesn’t have the company of other kids at home so we decided to send him to school where he can socialize with other kids his age. Other than that, we never had any expectations from him so we just gladly go about everyday sending him to Bright Kids. We soon learned that Justin was having issues with his social skills, thanks to the regular parent-teachers conferences where teachers would discuss our child’s strengths and weaknesses. We also learned that kids can be loud and seemingly active at home but would selectively be quiet and passive inside the classrooms. Separation anxieties, stage frights, and tantrums to name a few were the realities that greeted us when we were just starting out, but Teacher Sheryll was very accommodating to our countless questions that we later embraced these realities and started working with it instead of denying or worse ignoring the problems. We owe it to Bright Kids, for their ability to troubleshoot Justin’s weaknesses and from there we acted our own part to work with his habits and corrected his flaws. The parenting seminars and workshops organized by the school was also a lot of help especially in providing us with more effective situational parenting solutions.

A year later, we found significant improvements in Justin’s behavior. He even started doing well with his academics, which left us baffled as to how he could have done so well when we never really did follow ups at home. We thought it was too early at 2 years old to even learn ABCs and then it hit us that we could be the ones setting limits on Justin’s progress by under-estimating his learning potentials. We then accepted the challenge and gave our full support to Justin. We started to diligently help him with his home works, gave him a routine everyday and basically made learning more fun for him not only in school but also at home, even if it means going out of our own way and comfort zones as working parents. Bright Kids, also made learning fun for Justin by having lots of educational field trips, birthday parties, outdoor activities, lots of stage performances that not only gave Justin enough exposure but also allowed us his parents to meet and make friends with other parents in the process. Learning from other parents was also a vital ingredient in our PROJECT Justin.

Another year went by, Justin still having fun in school, new sets of challenges as part of growing up I guess. He is becoming smart enough to bend our rules and would start amazing conversations that would challenge our patience, vocabulary and logic. Bright Kids as well as other parents helped us with some positive discipline techniques that really worked. It’s almost like a community support that evolved between Bright Kids teachers and parents that we really liked. The relationships even lasted after school where parents would meet up somewhere together with the kids for a play date, group study or just have fun with the kids. Justin really loves playing with his classmates, a huge leap from his weakness a few years ago. He plays nicely and gently and would prove tough even in some crowded and rough playgrounds. We really owe this to the holistic approach of Bright Kids style of education. Our final year with Bright Kids summarizes it all. The school prepared Justin well for big school and even helped him get high scores in his entrance exams at SJI.

In fact, Justin did very well in his Kinder Class at SJI earning almost perfect scores in all his subjects all year round. Bright Kids continued to support us by offering Adult Mandarin Classes, Summer Classes and Parenting Seminars to help us parents cope up with our son’s endeavors in the big school. It’s amazing how Bright Kids can still become our partner in our child’s education long after we became alumni. The idea of sending our son to school at a very young age particularly at Bright Kids proved to be a worthwhile investment for us because not only did it prepare our son but also us his parents for what we need to do in the big school. Sometimes, I think It’s more us the parents that need to learn than our kids to really give them the support they need all the way. Thank you very much to Teacher Ghie, Teacher April, Teacher Pat, Teacher Anya, Teacher Lyn, Teacher Roselle, and Teacher Sheryll and to the entire Faculty, Administration of Bright Kids Preschool. God speed to all of you.

Junjet Jaranilla Trasmonte