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Going to school is fun. I’m sure that going to Bright Kids Preschool is more fun. Here, we meet new friends and we have the best teachers.

In Bright Kids, we learn to become smart. Our teachers work so hard to make us really bright with good manners. We are taught to share our toys, books, foods, and many other things. Our teachers patiently wait for us when we are doing things slow even though sometimes they are tired. They discipline us when we don’t behave.

Aside from academics we are also taught the value of sportsmanship. We also learn the arts like acting, dancing, singing and even painting.

Math can be hard, but we learn Math with fun at Bright Kids. We also learn Language, Reading, Filipino and Chinese.

At Bright Kids we are not allowed to speak dialect and because of this, I won’t have a hard time if I go to other countries.

At Bright Kids we are taught to become better citizens, which according to my grandfather is very important because our country needs good citizens.

I love going to Bright Kids Preschool because our teachers love us even though we can be mischievous and hard to handle at times.

I pray that GOD will bless Bright Kids Preschool, all the teachers, the staff and all the students so that many kids like me can also be bright and responsible kids.

Maria Constantine M. Tan

Kinder 2

Let me tell you the many reasons why I love Bright Kids Pre- Schools.

My teachers are friendly and kind. They taught me to read and write in English, Chinese and Filipino. They trained me to share my toys and other belongings with my fellow classmates. They coached me to learn sight words every week. Bright Kids introduced me to entrepreneurship. They gave me confidence to sing and dance in public. Most of all, they love me!

Antonia Raffaele

I have memories at Bright Kids, At first I was a bit a shy, now that I am in Kinder class I am not shy anymore. I met my friends there. We had fun playing at the playground. I learned Math, Filipino Chinese and Reading. I also learned to sing and dance in school. I love my teachers and my teachers love me too and this is my best memory of Bright Kids.

Savanna Marie Saril

I Love Bright Kids Pre School because this is the place where I learned many things I got to know my alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. I learned how to Read and Write, also how to Sing and Dance with the effort and patience of my teachers who teaches me everyday to meet my classmates , teachers and friends because we have a lots of fun with them and I enjoy studying. I am very grateful and thankful to all my teachers from Rugrats to Kinder for all the things I have learned and thank you so much for the love and care you extended to me at school. Bright Kids Pre School and Teachers Thank you and I love you.

Febralin Joy P. Espeno

My most memorable experience in School is when we celebrated our Family day at Caribbean Resort. It was really fun because of the games in which there is unity. I enjoyed because I participated well together with my classmates and our parents.

I love going to school because I learn a lot from my teachers. They both teach us in fun and easy way. I am very happy when I receive a stamp or a star because I will let it show to my mom and dad on skype and that makes them proud of me.

I also enjoyed playing with my classmate and friends. I love to listen stories from my teachers. I like to go to school because I want to study. Learn and share my foods with my classmate. My teacher are very supportive and caring.

Patrick Xian Yu

My Bright Kids Years
I love going to school every day and I have a hundred of reasons why. I love my teachers is reason number one. They are nice and they teach me a lot of things. They teach me to count, read and write. Most of all they teach me to be polite and kind.

I love my classmate because they are all my friends. We share snacks and we help each other out.

I love my schools because it is clean and safe. Manong Guard is so nice and always makes sure that we are always safe. He also helps me carry my bag and gives me umbrella when it rains. I love all the yayas, lolas, and guardians because they don’t tease me. Instead, they always compliment me and all the kids in our school.

I love my school because it is special. It celebrates a lot of special days. When we were Tots we dedicated a day for our dear grandparents. Then, we played fun games with the whole family during Family Day. And recently, we celebrated friendship with the Tots, Munchkins and Rugrats during our Christmas party.

I love my school because it helps us to be fit and healthy. We danced a lot and played sports. We played golf, basketball, track and field and my favorite, badminton. Our badminton day is my most favorite because we also celebrated my birthday.

I love my school for a hundred reasons more. And I would like to thank my teacher for molding me to be a Bright Kid!

Kolein L. Guaro